Why Putting A New Kreme In Your Coffee Is Right For You-Keto//Kreme

A great way to boost your body’s natural ability to change fat into energy is by adding Keto//Kreme to your coffee or tea in the morning! This is a great way to give yourself a quick mental and physical boost. Did we mention that the taste is amazing?

How To Use Keto//Kreme

It’s simple and easy to use. All you have to do is dissolve 1 packet in a cup of tea, coffee, or even water, stir and enjoy all of the benefits. The best way to have this is after you have fasted. If you haven’t fasted, don’t worry because you can drink this anytime during the day. If it’s 7:00 am or 6:00 pm, you can drink it whenever you like and however you like.

What Are The Ingredients in Keto//Kreme?

All Natural Ingredients are in the Keto//Kreme Functional Fat Technology. Just to name a few there are MTC oils with a blend of fat. AC-11 DNA Repair On A Cellular Level, N8 Bioavailability Blend and 4Plex Collagen Matrix.

If you have no idea what all of these mean, don’t worry because we are going to break it down for you!

MCT Oil & Coconut Fat Combo

Keto//Kreme has a range of C8, C10, and C12 MTC’s in it. This helps boost your energy and mental clarity. This pouch of deliciousness has all of the essential macronutrients that your body needs.

AC-11 DNA Repair On A Cellular Level

Let’s start with the fact that this technology is proven to extend telomere life. Telomeres are an essential part of human cells that affect how our cells age. Drink up so we stay looking young!

N8 Bioavailability Blend

The vitamins of B6 and B12 are blended into the pack to help your body absorb the Keto//Kreme ingredients for faster and better results.

4Plex Collagen Matrix

The essential components in the 4Plex Collagen Matrix are the pure eggshell membrane. Don’t worry, these are preserved for optimum efficacy. There are 4 types of collagen types in the Keto//Kreme, they are I, II, V, and X to maximize your mental and physical performance. Just another added benefit!

Keto// Kreme

7 Different Benefits of Using Keto//Kreme In Your Cup

Stimulates Collagen Synthesis

Below we will talk a little more about drinking collagen and what types are in the pouch but let’s start off with why it is a great benefit for your body. Just like drinking Keto//Kreme it’s simple, this special formula actually triggers your body’s collagen. It seems crazy but it’s true!

Advanced DNA Repair

As we get older, we always say that we want to look and feel younger. Have no fear because with the AC-11 in the Keto//Kreme it helps your body repair the damaged DNA cells. Perfecto!

Digestive and Gut Health

This is something that a lot of us say we need to work on. We have found that using Keto//OS it has improved our gut health and Keto//Kreme helps as well.

It gives you the antimicrobial nutrients and fatty acids. This will be completely natural and is healthy for your body.

Instant MTC Brain Boost

During any part of the day, sometimes you feel a little tired or completely zonked out. With the increased focus on the MTC and coconut fat, you will feel like a brand new person. You will feel refreshed and awake!

Strengthens Hair and Nails

Are you sick of your nails always chipping because they break easily? Sometimes it’s hard to get your hair to grow and it’s hard to know why.

When you drink the Keto//Kreme it will actually fuel and make your hair and nails stronger than before. Each cup you drink, your hair and nails will get stronger and stronger! It’s a win, win.

Reduces Joint Pain and Inflammation

The feeling of joint pain or any inflammation isn’t fun and you want to relieve that pain as fast as you can. With the N8 Bioavailability Blend, this will help prevent inflammation or any discomfort that you might be having. Increasing your mobility is a great benefit to have. Say good bye to pain!

Improved Cellular Function

This is something that some people may be unaware of (I wasn’t at the beginning). Your body might be lacking macro minerals. This is very important to know because these cells are important and also including the building blocks of our body.

When we are drinking Keto//Kreme, it is helping your body renew all of the cellular levels that you might need.

After learning about Keto//Kreme, you will learn that this is not your average Keto supplement. The addition of the Functional Fat Technology adds more and more benefits to your daily routine.