Why We Should Turn the Food Pyramid Upside Down: Key Tips

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Why We Should Turn the Food Pyramid Upside Down

So let’s take a look at why we should turn the food pyramid upside down.

If you were to flip it upside down the guidelines for healthy eating would then include large amounts of protein from beans and meat, then milk, then fats. Then would come fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Many dietary experts believe that this is actually the best approach to healthy eating because protein is one of the most essential nutrients for a lean body.

Fats are also vital to the proper function of many body systems including the brain. This dietary approach most closely resembles a ketogenic diet or others may call it the modified Atkins Diet (one that includes foods only eaten by our caveman ancestors).

Is this really the best plan for healthy eating?

Nutrition experts have been wrong in the past. For example, saturated fats were thought to contribute to health problems including an increased risk of heart disease for decades. Recent research revealed that in fact this was not true.

So last fall, experts on the committee responsible for developing the country’s dietary guidelines acknowledged that low-fat diets were not necessarily healthier. This isn’t the first time that we have been told to stay away from fats because they are healthy. Little did we know that the food pyramid has been wrong about their dietary recommendations for healthy eating.

Choosing the right diet is a personal choice but when we take a look at what the government has recommended in the past it is clear that they are not always correct. And in the case of the food pyramid they might have things completely backwards!

A diet that includes fewer grains, less sugar and more protein from animal foods like meat, dairy and eggs is a great way to achieve good health. It also includes very few processed foods that are known to cause chronic health problems.

If we can eliminate these chronic health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure just by flipping the food pyramid upside down, then what do we have to lose? Nothing except the weight that we will shed from this healthy diet.

If you want to consume healthy foods, consider flipping the food pyramid upside down. And if you’re looking for new and fun recipes, go to our recipe guide! You can still follow the healthy food plan in an easy and fun way too. Bring on the bacon!!

Food Pyramid

How to Make It Work for You

Here are some tips to making the flipped pyramid work for you:

Replace all of the grains in your diet with fruits or vegetables, better yet, both! For every meal where you usually have bread, cereal, or other grain, you simply remove the grain and eat a vegetable or fruit. This one step will add years of health to your life.

A great example of a way to cut out carbs is, instead of a baked potato for dinner, have mashed cauliflower. It tastes just the same and is a lot healthier for you. Little substations can be as simple as that.

Try to avoid and later eliminate sugars from your diet. You don’t have to go cold turkey on taking away sugars on your first day of starting the diet. Just remember, you do get healthy sugars from the fruit that you do eat. Slowly, with the ketogenic diet, you will see that you no longer crave sugars and that is great! You are on track to a healthier lifestyle.

If you don’t feel comfortable removing sugars completely out of your diet, try slowly work your way through it. Something as simple as removing soda with water everyday helps. Soda alone is responsible for more ill health than even cigarettes. Read the blog post “How Sugar Affects Your Body & Brain,” for more information.

Make sure you are eating something fresh and crunchy with every meal. Grab an apple or some green peppers for a quick snack to start to get rid of those sugary habits! Apples with real peanut butter is a great snack to have and who doesn’t love peanut butter?

Fats are your friend!

Once I started the ketogenic Diet, I didn’t realize how many healthy vegetables there were out there. I’m used to meat, vegetable, and potatoes but now I am seeing other substitutions. It’s amazing what you can do! Eat a variety of different foods that include different kinds of squash. Surprisingly, there are many and you can cook them in a lot of different ways.

Dairy is a great choice of food to have, but also very concentrated and many people have dairy allergies (even if you don’t think you do). Take some time to discover if dairy is a good for you and even if it is, use it in moderation.

If you do have a dairy allergy, turn to other alternatives like almond milk to put in your coffee or smoothies every day. If you are following the ketogenic diet, it’s a great choice to use real butter and heavy cream. Who knew that you could use both of these in your coffee and it is 100% healthy for you!

Food Pyramid

Let’s Reverse The Food Pyramid!

While it is hard to kick the carbohydrate addiction we all have, it does get easier with time. Soon you will find that your taste buds adapt to a new way of eating rather quickly. Eating a diet based on the true pyramid is a much healthier way to eat.

Hopefully, the dietary experts who create the pyramid will wake up to the notion that humans are much healthier when they base their diet on fruits and vegetables instead of grains.  

Not only are we going for a healthy lifestyle but if you eliminate sugars from your body and put in fats, you will notice your waistline getting smaller. Eating healthy fats actually speeds up your metabolism and following the ketogenic diet, you will be in ketosis!

Let’s keep this food pyramid flipped upside down and grab a piece of bacon! (Or a yummy keto brownie.)

Otherwise, take a look at the new Keto Reboot, you may like it!

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